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Message from Sheriff Danny Cravens

I am committed to providing the highest quality of services to the citizens of Henry County. I will stand against anyone that threatens to diminish any of those services for whatever reason, including political reasons.

Providing dedicated and professional staff to deliver the services in an efficient and personable manner is very important to me. I believe it helps build trust and rapport with the public.

As Sheriff, the chief law enforcement officer and one of the highest elected government officials in Henry County, it is my belief that the strength and power of the Sheriff and his office only comes from the trust, confidence, and support of the people he serves. Serving with total honesty and transparency instills the highest level of integrity achievable. Having the trust of the people opens communications between citizens, the Sheriff, and the deputies. That is the source of information that solves crimes and improves the quality of life for everyone.

I will use every resource at our disposal, including seeking funds necessary to investigate drug activity that brings addiction, despair, and death to our communities, along with the increase in crimes. To restore the quality of life of our county, we will continue to patrol and enforce the traffic laws on our highways in an attempt to reduce traffic collisions and make travel in and through our county safe for everyone.

Most importantly, I will continue to support and protect the schools in our county. By interacting with students and building trust and confidence with them, we will help to improve a secure and safe learning environment. The continued success of the School Resource Officer Program is proof that by having a deputy assigned to the High School provides a protected and safe learning environment. Therefore, I will continue to build on that program by having deputies include in their duties random visits to other schools when possible so they can walk through and visit with staff and be seen as a provider of protection.

As an elected constitutional officer of Kentucky, I execute the power of my office, which is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, without prejudice. I believe I am a representative of all citizens and know they have full trust and belief in me and my services.